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ZWO EAF and Esprit 120ed issues

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Hi guys, 
Was just looking for some advice if possible please. I recently purchased the esprit 120ed. I have connected up my eaf to the esprit 120ed with the correct mount required etc and on the left side (opposite to the fine tune side) 
After connecting I tried to open up asiair app to try it out. 
I have no idea how to set it. I input 0 as start point, with the scope focus all the way in) and say put in 1000 for example click move and it literally moved up to like 200 then the eaf module double beeps. If you keep clicking move it just keep saying the same but goes up in different increments and then double beeps. Sometimes not at all and just beeps at you. Have no idea what I’m doing wrong. do you happen to have any suggestions? 
I previously used my eaf with my redcat and it worked perfectly. And I know that my esprit focusing works as when it arrived it worked perfectly. When attaching the coupling knob for the eaf it was a little tight but I greased it up and it still rotated but not as smoothly as it did before. I pushed the coupling knob right in and tightened the grub screw down on the flat edge rotated it and flattened the other grub screw. 
And I know my eaf is working as it is rotating on the esprit but as I mentioned only in small increments and double beeping at me. 
Can’t get out and click autofocus either due to the clouds. 
Someone online may have mentioned I placed the coupling knob to far into the focuser on my scope and it’s rubbing. But the issue I think may occur if I bring it out is there’s more chance of it slipping maybe? Or the grub screw won’t be seen in the original hole and will be closer to the little hole underneath it. 
I also seem to find that when it’s all connected I cannot manually focus? Would that be correct? Or is there something stopping this from happening? 
The focus lock on the scope of off too. Once all connected and working would I need to lock that back up or leave it unlocked too? 
My settings on asiair
Reverse off 
Beep off 
Set to 0 (this changes to random increments) 
Fine step 10 
Coarse step 100
Max 25000
Backlash 0 
Cheers guys, apologies for the long post. Look forward to hearing your thoughts.
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