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M3 Globular Cluster

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UK weather lately has been really good (in the south at least 🙂), so lots of clear skies...naturally coupled with the loss of astro-dark and short nights. Working on a few different targets, but consider this one complete now.

So here is M3, a Globular Cluster in Canes Venatici imaged during the Moon phase.

170 x 60s (02:50), + 50 bias, 40 flats, 10 darks, ISO-400 on Canon 800Da + Starfield 102. Stacked and processed in Siril.

109b - 08-06-23 - M3 Globular Cluster.jpg

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So I've decided to hop on the band wagon where it seems we are all processing old data due to the never ending cloud cover we've had of late!

I decided to revisit this globular from a few months ago, as I noticed the original image was way too warm in colour. Same data as previous, but stacked in ASTAP this time (better colours than Siril) and also use of noise reduction which I didn't run previously. I've also got a better crop to centralise it, control the brightness of the core better whilst also bringing out some of the fainter stars around the perimeter.


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1 hour ago, Albir phil said:

Some nice colour there, also you have kept the core from burning out . I like this image 👏🎊

Thanks Phil 🙂 

1 hour ago, glafnazur said:

That's much better, nice one.


Thanks Dave! 

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