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Another Python installation problem

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I am trying to install Montage to combine images into a mosaic.

I have downloaded the package (Montage_v6.0.tar.gz) and extracted it - it gave me another archive (Montage_06Nov 18.tar) which, upon extraction produced the array of files shown in the image in the folder: c:\admin\downloads\montage\montage.

Now, following the instructions given (Use the command: $ pip install MontagePy) I get the results show on the final image.

As you will see, I have navigated my way through the tree, trying at each stop, and always get the answer:

ERROR: Could not find a version that satisfies the requirement MontagePy (from versions: none)
ERROR: No matching distribution found for MontagePy

My searches on the internet turn up pages that I am sure would mean something to someone with an advanced degree in 'computing with python', but mean very little to someone who needs 'python for extra-dumb dummies'.

If it is relevant, I am using Python 3.10.11 (but not using that to run the pip command).

Can any of our computer experts offer suggestions as to why I am failing so miserably?





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If you look up the detailed instructions online (available at: http://montage.ipac.caltech.edu/docs/montagePy-UG.html) it recommends using Anaconda and version 3.6 of Python or above. 

Have you gone to PyPI to download the package (https://pypi.org/) - from this webpage you can search for MontagePy and there is only result from the search (MontagePy 1.2.3). Have you tried downloading this one and then using pip install?

Actually, thinking about it a bit more, what I think you have downloaded is the source code, not the actual package for installation. 

Hope this helps

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Looks like Pip install is  broken for this package. But...

look at the README.release in the download. Is explains how to make the build from the download.

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Yes, I have python installed (not sure what anaconda is - its webpage talks about it being for development, which is waaaay outside my wheelhouse) and regularly use it to run pyephem. It seems (from the webpage) that it is montagepy that requires either unix or linux.


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As I see it, the problem here is that Montage consists of binaries (as opposed to source code) for Linux/OSX (these binaries being created from the original Montage C code). So even with a Python distribution (+/- Anaconda) on Windows there is no way to run the code without going back to the original C and going through the build process.

BTW Anaconda is a distribution containing lots of mainly scientific Python code (plus a few tools to help install new stuff). I used to use it but it is rather bloated. An alternative is miniconda, or -- my preference these days -- just download/install the required stuff as and when you need it, using pip.


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Thank you for that response, Martin.

I think the idea of rebuilding the program from the original c is well beyond me, but at least I now understand why I couldn't get it to work.


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