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Cygnus wall C11Edge & FSQ 106 reduced

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Not a comparison, a combination.  I decided to test the assertion that detail is mostly provided in luminance (or lightness) channel and color is in the RGB channels.   I registered the FSQ OIII and SII data to the C11 Ha data, which resulted in bloated stars in the OIII and SII channels due to the severe upsampling required.  However, I had an idea, I would combine the data and remove the bloated stars using star xterminator.  I then would insert the Ha data into the SHO image and the C11 Ha stars would replace the FSQ stars.  It worked like a charm (the stars were a bit dim, so I inserted the Ha twice, which resulted in brighter stars with no deleterious impact to the rest of the image.  

Question: Do you think collecting OIII and SII with the C11Edge will improve the image (using only C11 data)

C11Edge with .7x reducer and FSQ 106 with .6x reducer and ASI 1600. Ha 35 300 sec; OIII 36 300 sec; SII 33 300 sec.  About 8.6 hours.  Not sure what the bin factor is.  I think it is equivalent to the C11 data bin2.  I added a bin2 imnage (2nd one)


Bin2 with saturation boost




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I know the dust is clipped. It’s just a quick experiment. Also, nog an easy scale change.  But I think I can fix that in the next go

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8 minutes ago, N3ptune said:

I don't know about the technicalities but the images are absolutely beautiful Rodd.


Thanks N3ptune

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3 hours ago, Sunshine said:

Without a doubt I see more contrast and detail in the second image.

The only difference between them is a single bump in saturation.  It does seem to have accentuated the fainter dust.  

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