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Summer Triangle Challenge

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50 years of sky watching and today was my first circumzenithal arc plus other stuff.


Sorry for the big image dump. I got trigger crazy.






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Wow! That was a bright display! 

Just a couple of sun dogs left now.

There are some features there that I don't think I've even read about, let alone seen.

The saddle type feature below the circumzenithal arc? What's that called? 


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The broad "V" shaped arc appears to be a Tangent Arc:


There was a Sun Pillar as the Sun finally set but it didn't show in my photo so no point posting it. All the images I took were un-enhanced, direct from my phone camera.

I'm wondering if the sky looks like there might be noctiluscent clouds later. I expected some the other night but didn't happen. It's getting that time of year though!

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Nice display!

It's been a while since I tried to figure out a complex display, but I think I see:

22 degree halo

Parheliona (Sundogs)

Upper Tangent arc



Parry arc

Parhelic circle


Here is a good resource to help help identify less common ice halos.

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1 hour ago, Leo S said:

Here is a good resource to help help identify less common ice halos.

Thanks for that.

I used to read up on these things and have forgot most of it!

I think a lot of the stuff described in your link was visible and although I did have a look all across the sky, I didn't see any of the Sun opposing features. Perhaps some of them were there but I was walking back from the village pub at the time 😍

Today's sky looked very similar to yesterday's early on, but it's very clear now. No bows or arcs.


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You're very welcome Paul. Often the less common arcs/halos are easily missed because they are faint and hard to see, but definitely worth looking for them when you are seeing the more common halos. IME when they do brighten, it only lasts seconds of minutes if you are lucky.

When I used to chase halos we'd see sundogs, CZA's, and other common halos on a regular basis (at least a few times a week) when the sky was clear of low/medium altitude clouds, but the complex displays are much rarer!

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