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Novice Challenge

M63 Sunflower in space

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I really wanted to image this with the 200P but struggling with flats on that at the moment. Still didn't want to miss the recent spate of clear skies despite no astro darkness so mounted up the Esprit 100 on the AM5.


252 no. 180s with the 2600MC, no filter. Just over 12.5 hours worth captured over 4 sessions 20th to 26th May. On a side note, the AM5 and ASIAir Mini performed flawlessly when left unattended. Not a single dropped sub apart from those I rejected due to clouds on night 1.



With many friends!





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Great result! And nice setups. 

I recently imaged this one for 12 hours too, I got less detail in the galaxy than you but I got some of the faint stream. I only stopped due to loss of astrodark, but looking at your result perhaps I should have persisted. 

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Posted (edited)

So @ONIKKINEN I took your advice and decided to just process out the dodgy background issue I had in the other thread. I used GraXpert and in my opinion its as good as DBE but much easier to use. Any how, I created a monster and decided to see if I could combine the 6ish hours of Lum data I collected on the 200P with the above data from the Esprit!





Edit: Above is a composition of 349 x 60s (5hr 49m) of Lum data taken with the 200P/533MM at 1000mm combined with the colour data of the Esprit 100/2600MC at 550mm. The 533MM was binned 2x2 so the pixel scale at 1.54 arcs/p is similar to that of the 1.4 arcs/p of the 2600MC.

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