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Messier 92

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The "other" GC in Hercules. 

This wasn't really intended as an image, I just wanted to check that having put my location into Maxim, PixInsight would be able to use it in the post processing.

This is just an hour each RGB in 5 min subs with the ODK 12 / Trius setup. PI did deal with the data, MPCC, then RGB combination, PCC (SPCC gave a very blue result, due to not having a QE curve for the 694 sensor) then BlurX, NoiseX and Masked Stretch. Saturation boost in AstroArt 8 and saved as a PNG


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I captured 3 hours of Luminance on the 27th, so after working it up in PI I made an LRGB image in AstroArt 8

Not sure if it's added much, but heigh ho!


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