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A few images from night 24/25 May 23 incl SN ixf


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Great night for me. It started with me just wanting to get a shot of the SN in M101 and after tweaking collimation on Archturus  and moving to a few other star to re sync the mount it was on to M101. Six  four minute subs taken before moving on to something I hadn't imaged before; an irregular galaxy NGC4449 in CV. I was looking for other objects in the area in Sky Safari Pro and just picked this one out before reading it's description, just 4 x 4 min subs here as I wasn't sure what it was going to be like. M51 next. Always liked M51 and it always makes me think of the sketch by Lord Ross of it's spiral structure and how he must have struggled to get that.

Given that I didn't start much before 11 it was now after 1 on the 25th and 1st  Vega had come  creaping out from behind our neighbours house so M57 (the ring neb) became a target. Then cygnus too creaped out so I stayed there for a while. M27 followed by NGC6888 and then NGC6960 all fell prey. Now after 2.30 and still just in trees to the SE was M16. Quick coffee while M16 cleared the last branches and I managed seven four minute subs before the sky became too bright to really carry on with photography. I did get a view of M20 by that little gem will have to wait till a more reasonable hour later in the year and darker skies.

M101, NGC4449 and M51 were all shot witout filters. NGC6960 and M16 were shot through an IDAS NBZ filter. M27 is a mix of no fiter and NBZ subs (6 NF + 3 NBZ)

Scope: Orion Optics (UK) VX10, Camera: Altair Hypercam 26C.

Hope you like.







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M27 image added
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