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First attempt at M3 - untracked

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Feedback appreciated. I recognise I need more subs at a shorter exposures but really happy with how this turned out.

100 subs

no bias or darks (just getting used to basics first!)

12800 iso

0.5sec exposures 

set up;

150p Skywatcher Explorer (750Fl)

Canon 800d


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Nice image! Stars are showing a bit of elongation that maybe because of slight drift or its not correctly collimated. If you are seeing elongated stars in the individual images then its collimation.

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Posted (edited)
18 hours ago, MessierMatt said:

@AstroMuni thanks for the feedback.  I have moved to 0.4 single exposure time which has reduced the elongation a little.  I'm also sure collimation is not spot on and am still practicing with this.

It seems odd that such a small exposure is causing so much drift 😞 Perhaps someone who has done imaging without tracking can comment. This may help https://beltoforion.de/en/astrophotography/camera_settings.php

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11 hours ago, michael8554 said:

Hi Matt

0.5secs at ISO12800 shouldn't show drift, so I would look at collimation.

And then try longer exposures until you do see drift.


Thanks @michael8554 I will defo check the collimation. 

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