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QSI683 & Asiair Plus

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Hi all,

Does anyone know if it's possible to control an older QSI 683 ccd camera with the Asiair plus controller.   The answer to this question will determine if i re-invest in a decent mount and get back into full on Astro Photography or sell my camera and remaining scopes and just buy a star tracker to use with my Mirrorless fuji camera.

Many thanks in advance,





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No. It only supports zwo cameras and a few Canon, Nikon and now Sony dslr/mirrorless. It is however compatible with numerous mounts for telescope control.

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Thanks Elp, that's what i was afraid of. I quit astronomy and imaging about a year and a half ago and old my mount but never got round to selling my scopes and camera. Now i have the astro itch again and was thinking about re-investing, but didn't want to go back to the whole Windows setup using SGP Pro and PHD etc running on Windows as I did not find it the most stable of platforms.

Had hoped to buy the ZWO AM5 with Asiair plus and use it with my QSI683, but it looks like that dream just died hard 😞


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Posted (edited)

You don't necessarily need a cooled camera, I tend to use uncooled a lot more for DSO, buy used and you can save a lot. You also don't necessarily need an Asiair plus, the mini works just as well and the WiFi works much better. The asiair just has a few issues atm with its software, I found the default factory firmware which comes with the units works fine though.

(Just looked up the price of your camera, wow). You alternatively could get a raspberry pi and load it with astroberry or Stellarmate. Or get a mini pc and use NINA.

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Aye, it wasn't cheap, I think i paid £5k over 5 years ago, and mine was the most expensive model - it was the QSI 683WSG-8 with the built in 8 position filter wheel and OAG. 

Thanks for the suggestions of AstroBerry, Stellarmate and Nina. I'll take a look at all of them tonight.

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