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Cepheus and Draco borderland - LBN550

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There is a lot of dust in the Cepheus and the most prominent is probably the Iris nebula neighborhood. At the spring star party in Zatom, I pointed the telescope more toward the Draco to capture a less-known area around the LBN550 cloud. The frame was meant to be rotated 90 degrees, but I forgot about it, so it does not contain all the things I planned :(  But I am quite happy with the result anyway. At the right frame edge, there is Kappa Cephei - the only star in the frame visible to the naked eye. One or two more are barely visible under the very dark sky. All other stars are fainter than 6mag. The image field of view is about 6 by 4 degrees. 

Captured with Askar FMA230 telescope and QHY268M camera on StarAdventurer GTi mount. It is 4 hours of luminance and 3x1 hours of RGB with 2 minutes subframes. 


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