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Novice Challenge

NGC 7822 -- OSC, Bortle 8

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This was a real challenge! The weather was so bad that it ended up taking me 12 weeks to complete the project, with the object being low in the sky toward the latter end that the data quality was rather low. Oh well, I think I squeezed out a passable image. Details under the image, and more info on my website.



Imaging details
* January – April 2023 (12 weeks)
* Bristol, UK (Bortle 8 )
* Telescope: Askar 130PHQ Flatfield Astrograph
* Camera: ZWO ASI 2600MC-PRO
* Mount: Sky-Watcher EQ6-R PRO
* Guide: William Optics 50mm Guidescope with 1.25″ RotoLock; ZWO ASI 120MM Mini
* Control: ASIAIR Plus
* Software: PixInsight, Lightroom
* Filters:
– Optolong L-Ultimate (Ha / OIII): 600 x 120 seconds (20 hours)
– Askar D2 (SII / OIII): 480 x 120 seconds (16 hours)
– No filter (for RGB stars): 45 x 120 seconds (1 hour 30 mins)

Total integration time: 37.5 hours

By Lee Pullen

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1 minute ago, simmo39 said:

V nice Lee, Glad you managed to get it done!

It won't win any awards, but I was just relieved to get it over the finish line! 😂

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2 hours ago, Ouroboros said:

I think you do yourself an injustice. I think that’s a very attractive image, nicely framed.   

Thanks, maybe I've just spent too long staring at the flaws. After a while they're all you see!

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1 hour ago, carastro said:

What flaws? 

It looks quite noisy to me, and I think overall lacks sharpness / clarity. Quite "soft" compared to something like my Soul Nebula. It's OK when viewed small, but I'm not sure it holds up too well when viewed large, or zoomed in at all. Still, I'm always amazed it's possible to image anything through the haze of light pollution!

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You're too harsh on yourself Lee 😆 I just saw your master lights on your website and I'm actually surprised your final image was made from those! How you managed to pull out the detail you did with the quality of data you have is amazing in itself, really nice work!

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