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Star tracker and push to combination

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I have a star adventurer 2i that i love for wide field photography and recently i have been gifted a Starsense explorer 102AZ to travel with up to Mull from Chester as we go regularly,  I was thinking about selling this kit to get a goto set up like the nexstar 127 Mak by celestron but i wondered if i might be better with either an upgrade to my tracker to the GTI version with goto or could i use the star explorer set up and app on the counterbalance end of the 2i tracker or even next to the camera to get a push to star tracker set up (i have seen them added to dobsonians on youtube) ? i know im looking to cover a lot of things here but id like to get the most out of my kit before i change it

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Hi ... so my friend "modified " the starsense module and i now use it on my SkyTee mount . It will easily work by placing a dovetail on the bottom of the module and placing it on the SA . After polar aligning the SA , find the target using the Starsense , which uses the plate solving routine . And , hey presto . 




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so my issue is the slip part of the push to go is moving during the tracked rotation, do i fix the orange baseplate to the long green rail on the opposite end to the counterbalance or use the ball head and try to use a screw to lock the PTFE plates together thus still being able to use the fine adjust wands or take off the arm and just leave the final wand using the original black 90 degree bracket with the clutch and fine adjustment....or just give up and but a GTI?? which i could then also guide


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2 hours ago, Starsonmull said:

Stu, thanks for the advice, do you have any pictures of your setup? to you use a scope or just DSLR on your kit? Thanks

Well for me its easy as i have the skytee and one clamp holds the starsense whilst the scope is on the other clamp... its easy to line up the starsense with the scope . 


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