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August 2021 I bought a small "APO" refractor with built in field flattener. I never really got on with it, and after a few tries I've only used it for capturing spectra (star analyser 100) and star clusters in order to create colour-magnitude diagrams.
In september or october 2021 I collected the data for this image of M31. Maybe I didn't refocus between filters, but the stars had terrible blue halos, and I wasn't too pleased with the star profiles either. Now, with the help of Russel Croman's XTerminator tools, I can finally get an image that is presentable.
This is 4 hours of RGB data with the TSED70Q and ASI294MM camera.

Processed in PixInsight with most of the XT's


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On 02/05/2023 at 01:46, Sunshine said:



On 02/05/2023 at 07:20, simmo39 said:

V nice!


1 hour ago, Rodd said:

Respectable indeed.  I find the RC tools to be amazing.  I have salvaged many clunkers using them.   

Thank you, all. Much appreciated.

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