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Penumbral Lunar Eclipse - 2023 MAY 05-06

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A penumbral lunar eclipse will occur during the night of 2023 MAY 05-06. The Full Moon will barely miss the Earth’s umbra, but a shadowing near one limb should become apparent.

This eclipse will not be visible in the Americas or British Isles. However, it should be ideal for observers in India, Australia and southern New Zealand.

Below is a diagram I created. It includes a preview graphic for the upcoming eclipse as seen against an imaginary blue wall to make the shadow fully apparent. The predicted event timings are in AEST (UT+10), but will occur at essentially the same real time for all observers experiencing nighttime. The depicted orientation and Moon altitudes are for an observer in Sydney, Australia.

Photos and descriptions of the eclipse would be welcome additions to this thread.


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We have a similar event on October 28 that we'll be able to see here in the UK hopefully.

This won't be visible in the US, but you have the Annular eclipse happening a couple of weeks before that on 14 October in the western part of the US which should be ideal and a treat to see 😀

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