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Summer Triangle Challenge

Need help identifying a star for alignment purposes

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I have a celestron starsense autoalign camera and I did have it perfectly calibrated to my telescope unfortunately I had to send my mount off to be repaired and now I have to recalibrate the Starsense Camera again as the go to is off. I usually calibrate on Sirius as it is bright and easily identifiable but currently it is in the southwest and behind some trees as is familiar Orion, however I think this Star that makes up the point of the triangle in this photo is yellow Arcturus if so I should be able to use it for calibration purposes but I won’t to be sure before I do.  Photo was taken looking east and upwards at 11:38pm est this evening. IMG_1382.thumb.jpeg.6a8009a43a0fc4f0efd43586f7d670a4.jpeg

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On 29/04/2023 at 02:44, almcl said:

The star in the middle is indeed Arcturus, constellation Bootes:


Thank you I knew it was bright and gold/yellow through my scope so I was fairly sure but starsense is so sensitive to calibration that one wrong one throws of your whole go-to, however I installed my red dot finder scope on the opposite side of my scope yesterday and got it lined up so I can use it now if the star sense ever goes wonky, I can just shut down the scope and do a regular 3 star alignment with the HC.

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