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Beginner's problem in autoguiding with PHD2.

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Good afternoon everyone from the Canary Islands (Spain), I have a question that is eating me up, I hope someone can help me. Excuse my English but it is a google translation LOL, I put them in context:

I am new to autoguiding, I have an ASI ZWO for guiding, a 240mm guide tube and an EQ6-R PRO mount. I use a USB3-USB2 cable (PC-mount) and a cable from the CCD to the PC, I don't do ST4 guidance.
The program I want to use like most people is 'PHD2 Guiding'.
When connecting the camera and the mount to PHD2 I get it correctly. I search for a guide star in multi-star mode and the app starts the calibration.
In calibration the PHD2 is not able to move the mount NOT ONE WHITE Angry, even if I try in manual guiding.
The PHD2 is supposed to be connected to ASCOM's EQMOD, which is the one who really performs the movements of the mount, but even if it is connected, it does not move.
If I go to EQMOD I can move the mount without any problem, even connecting the mount to NINA I can move it without problem but it seems that there is some connection error between the mount and PHD2 or rather between EQMOD and PHD2.
I have followed the tutorials putting the correct sections so that they work but still I am not able to do it. If this has happened to anyone else or someone knows where the problem could be, I would greatly appreciate the help.
I add a capture without my geographic data and with the mount disconnected so that you can see the parameters that I use.
Thank you all.


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Have you ran eqmod setup first and set baud rate and searched for correct comm port ? Assuming you have if you can connect to mount ,  In phd 2 settings have you chosen the correct driver from the menu to connect to the mount .

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