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Summer Triangle Challenge

M81 & M82 HARGB using SPCC

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Hi all, this is definitely work in progress as it's just 2 hours of L pro data for RGB and 2 hours of Ha extracted from a L extreme. I've found adding the Ha data to the RGB a bit of a challenge to get the right amount going into the galaxy & in the right places. There seems to be a number of methods out there on you tube most involving a number of pixel math expressions etc but I found a recent video (6 mins long) from pixinsight themselves showing how to do it using their new SPCC process . My first thought given it's from pixinsight themselves was it would be full of pixel math expressions but actually it's just one expression and one click with SPCC and it takes the right amount of Ha to add to the RGB. Purpose of the post isn't the quality of the image yet but more about a really simple method of specifically adding Ha to a galaxy. I've attached a link to the 6 min video for anyone like me searching for a simple method for galaxies using HARGB. 

Link :- https://youtu.be/jJFUZY5p6yQ

Cheers Paul


M81 Forum V4 (1 of 1).jpg

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