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Supa-Optic ??

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I've found some binoculars but the labeling says Supa-Optic? I can't find anything out about them. I was just wondering if anyone has heard of them and could tell me a little about them? 

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37 minutes ago, bosun21 said:


The Picture is above but if it helps the J numbers are JE10 and JB32, ive tried searching with those numbers but it came up with 2 search results and neither were what i was looking for 😅

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So these will be possibly from the 60-70's, JB32 tags as Miyako Seiki but they perhaps (very likely) made to order with specific branding for an outlet. Is there also a JTII sticker, not that that matters as they fall off or are removed often. Pretty generic ZCF style bino, can't say if that maker is good or not as I've not met that one before, I've some that are JB54 or JB56 (swift, who are good) and some other form factor (reverse porro or roofs from JB8/20/93) If you find ones that are JB7 then those are from a company now known as Nikon 😉 

Glass is likely single-coated (blueish colour) but could be quite usable if the unit as a whole is in good shape and the collimation is ok. Modern multi-coated will give much better views of course.

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