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Had a silly thought about a solar continuum filter

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I'm going to give it a go as a way of getting rid of LP. With the SC3 being mono chipped, it shouldn't make a difference if the colours aren't there. With the small band pass of this baby it could get rid of almost all my light pollution. Strange thing is that I've been at work or it has been cloudy during the day since I got this filter.

If anybody knows why these two bits of kit should not be joined in astronomy, let him speak now or forever hold his piece.

Captain Chaos

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By filtering out most of the colours you may get stange effects, also depending on the wavelengths / emmission bands, you could have reduced light falling on the chip.

Also B & W usually is colour balanced across the spectrum to convert the colours into shades of gray, Like working in B & W film, a red filter lightens the clouds, and darkens the blue sky, because it blocks the blue end of the spectrum.

On DSO's the colour is different depending on which type of object and emmission characteristics, so some may be enhanced, others may dissapear.


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Who knows what will happen, I'm hoping to reveal the rest of the horse which was long thought to be the head only. With the amount of LP here, I think I'll probably do better with bandpass filters such as Ha than with RGB. Once I get the SC3 technique sorted I'll stick the solar one on and see what happens. I imagine that most of the stars will still appear, but emission nebulae and other stuff might just vanish. Got to give it a bash though.

The CLS filter just arrived and that has made a huge difference in the range of light getting onto the chip, most of the short range light is now filtered out.

I'll do a post when I can get the comparison test ready, currently I am struggling to do an image successfully with or without filters. The polar scope seems to have gone out of alignment as I'm getting trails at anything over 35 seconds now, so I need to realign that next.

Captain Chaos

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