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Aurora Question

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Just wondering if anybody here can answer a question for me. I’m fortunate in that my job takes me to high latitudes and gives me frequent views of the aurora. The night before last we had done spectacular views of the recent storm but we saw something I’d never seen before- a pulsing Aurora. In addition to the ‘regular’ green/ red curtain effect there was a pulsing effect which seemed to be at higher altitude. I’ve got a poor video taken from my iPhone to show what I meant. Anyway, any info as to what causes this and if it’s a rare or relatively common occurrence greatly appreciated. Videos of the pulsing plus a few images attached below. 





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Beautiful images, though i am not an expert, I believe these may be what are referred to as sprites or upper atmosphere lightning, they occur high up and look sort of like a solar flare. Though i am not so sure they are associated with the aurora as much as with storms, but i could be wrong.

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