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My declination axis came off.

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Today, I was just checking my eq mount. I took off the telescope and the counterweight. Then I rotated the declination slow-mo cable vigorously with my hand and suddenly the declination axis became loose. I tried to fix it, but ended up taking off the whole  declination axis. 

The declination axis has a rod to which a nut is screwed at the bottom. I tried putting dec axis back together. But the nut is inside the metal housing, so I can't reach it. I am struck with my broken mount. PLEASE HELP 





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I think it must be possible to remove the item with the cross detail shown in the first image in order to assemble the declination axis in the first place.  If you can remove this you will be able to replace the nut and tighten up the axis again.     🙂  

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Follow Peter's advice first.
But, if you cannot remove the top piece, then try using a suitably large screwdriver to hold the nut still.
Push the screwdriver gently past the edge of the nut to hold it by one of its flats.
While you turn the housing in the direction to tighten the nut. Probably clockwise if it's a normal nut.
It might be possible to get it tight enough so that friction with the nut and the surface below it will tighten it fully.
My fuzzy logic suggests that something comes off to allow access to that nut.
Anything which is assembled must have been in pieces when it mattered.
How else would they have tightened that nut? 😉

Your fiddling with the slow motion was probably in the incorrect direction. Anticlockwise?
So you overcame the friction between the nut and what lies below it.


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I suspect as Peter said the cross piece will come off as there is a definite separation there.

On my old eq3-2 it was similar and held in place by some tiny grub screws which needed loosening first, check for these and if none there grab hold of the main bod with one hand and try turning the cross piece with the other.

When you've got that off, tighten the nut (but not too tight as the axis may not move) and then test it behaves itself.



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