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Can’t find Polaris !

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On north west Skye for two weeks , 22 miles from town . Up at 2am. OMG , the sky was pristine .

Binoculars showed a brown fov as there were so many stars . The Milky Way was a bright delight through Cygnus and the sky glowed with clusters .

Found UMa , followed the pointers , just couldn’t get Polaris or UMi ! 

The stunner was Coma Berenices and Melotte 111 , what brightness ! 

wherever you live and whatever your circumstances, get to see dark sky!

clearer skies , Nick.

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I can just barely see Polaris from my backyard it’s so faint if a car goes by or my neighbors turn on their lights I can’t see it anymore. I can only see the brightest stars from my backyard maybe 50 on a good clear winter’s night and too few in the summer. Those days are probably numbered they are building a grocery store less than 3 miles away from home and the parking lot full of lights will surely dim my already dwindling stargazing. 😢

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