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Need Advice About Good Filters for Galaxy Imaging

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Hi all. I am just putting this out there, because I have tried reading online, but there's so much conflicting advice! Basically I am asking, will anyone who has plenty of experience imaging galaxies from light polluted city, recommend a good filter for predominantly imaging Galaxies? I currently own and use the Optolong L-Pro 1.25", and was wondering is there a better filter for aforementioned imaging targets? Finally, would you say that a 2" version of my L-Pro filter would yield better results than my 1.25" version? ( I image using a SW 200P newt. reflector, and a ALTAIR Lightwave 66/400ED Doublet refractor )

Thank You in advance for any advice and recommendations

Wes, Liverpool ( Bortle 7 )

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Generally no filter is best, or to at least to get a crisp image and reduce IR bloat use a luminence filter only.

LP filters block a broad range of wavelengths of light, galaxies are broadband targets so straight away by using them you're blocking out a chunk of your signal. Some filters may help with contrast but again they will be blocking out some element of signal.

There really is no substitute for total imaging time to improve your signal to noise ratio, and if you can, going to a dark site. Its one of the reasons I mainly image narrowband due to being surrounded by lights. LED surrounding lights make the whole situation worse as most filters can't block out the broad signal LED lights generate.

Your question about the filter size primarily relies on the diagonal size of the sensor in your camera. The size will mainly affect the vignette effect on your images if the sensor diagonal size is close to the diameter of the filter being used, application of flats normally addresses the vignette to provide flat even illumination as long as it's not extreme.

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