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Video of the prom lift off


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1 hour ago, Sunshine said:

Amazing! that chunk of sun went off and didn't fall back! would that be a CME?

Yes I think it could be termed a CME.

On space weather they called it a solar torando.

Realtime Solar Eclipse Photo Gallery
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A SOLAR TORNADO JUST LAUNCHED INTO SPACE: A solar tornado was spinning around the sun's north pole yesterday when, suddenly, it lifted off. NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory recorded the launch:


Unlike tornadoes on Earth, which are shaped by wind, tornadoes on the sun are controlled by magnetism. Solar magnetic fields twist in a furious spiral, dragging clouds of plasma around with them. This particular tornado over-twisted, pinched off, and flew straight away from the sun. The debris will not hit Earth.




SDO data shows it well,I like this one


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