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Prinz Astronomical Telescope 330 parts?

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Hello . Hoping someone can point me in right direction. I have bought an old telescope for my grandson which came separate with a flexible handle I believe called control arm - when i tried to fit it it would not screw in to the telescope tripod assembly . On inspection the screw end appears to have sheared leaving a piece in the receiving socket I suspect it will be impossible to remove . Can anyone suggest how to find a replacement ? 

Thank you if you can help 





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First of all, note that the Prinz 330 is potentially a good-quality telescope, and made in Japan.

As for the mount, I should think there is little chance of securing replacement parts.  It is not clear what the effect of the breakage is. If the mount can be operated by turning the black knob, you could just leave it as-is.

Otherwise, your best move would be to find a mechanical engineer who can effect a repair.

In theory, you could have the telescope put on a better modern mount, but I anticipate this would cost far more than you paid for the whole outfit. 

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Thank you for your help . Unfortunately the black knob doesn’t appear to turn the mount  . I will consider my options as you guessed  I didn’t pay much for it and don’t want a large expenditure buying a new mount .

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The mount is an altazimuth fork and the black control knob is attached to what is called a tangent arm. It will only move as long as there's room for the thread to turn. Once at the end of the thread it will need winding back to the centre. If the thread turns but the mount remains stationary you could try tightening the chrome knob just above, locking the horizontal axis and engaging the threaded worm. With an altazimuth mount like this, its possible to just push them in vertical and horizontal directions.

Prinz made some quite nice telescopes back in the day, and their scopes inspired many to take up astronomy as a lifetime hobby. 

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