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Mak Mirror ‘speck’

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Used my Skymax 150 pro for the first time in about 18 months the other night. As usual visual planetary views were brilliant, however, I also tried a video capture of Venus and noticed what I thought was a dust bunny on the sensor. I swapped cameras but speck was still there (in same place). In the morning I noticed that the mirror has a small speck of dust (looks like a tiny piece of flock as it’s black) on it - literally the only thing on the mirror.

So, given that this isn’t visible when doing visual through the Mak does it matter? I’m thinking I’ll probably put it up for sale this year as I really don’t use it that much but I’m worried the dust particle may put people off? Is it worth getting it cleaned? A air puffer would defo shift it and it’s not like the mirror is dirty at all otherwise.



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5 hours ago, Peter Drew said:

Compared to the secondary mirror diameter "speck", no consequence.     🙂

Good to know, still annoying knowing that it’s there though! 😂😂

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