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Bootes, Hercules and a surprise.

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I made a few notes and then waited a few hours until the strong easterly wind dropped a bit .


Stars of Bootes.


Follow the handle of the "Plough " down and you'll find the bright star Arcturus in the constellation Bootes.This is a huge orange giant with a diameter of 27 suns and is the fourth brightest star in the sky . 


"Izar " ε (epsilon ) Bootis, a stunning orange and blue pair at x100.


"Alkalurops " μ (mu) gives afaint faint distant from the primary , making this a lovely triple star.


ξ (Xi) gives a yellow and deep orange pair .



Stars of Hercules .


α.    Ras Algethi (alpha Herculis) is a giant red star. It has a diameter of 1.9 AU ( astronomical units : distance from earth to the Sun). It's 475 times brighter than the sun . It's a lovely double star.In a small scope you'll spot a blue green companion to this orange red star.


 κ kappa.     "Marsic" (yellow giant and orange giant )are optical doubles.


γ gamma     "Eltanin" very faint companion , optical double.


δ delta.        "Sarin " a wonderful binary with a very delicate companion.


ρ rho             white and green at x50.


95                 Herculis, a golden near identical pair at x50.


100               Herculis , as above , white.


caught these for colour and contrast . Both the seeing and transparency were great . 

Got M102 in Draco , now that’s a forgotten one ! Very pleased to get a streak from town .


Then back to Hercules and the “Turtle” planetary nebula. Again another surprise and it blinks well ! 

Had a shot at M53 , but once again NGC 5053 didn’t show , anyone seen it ?!


Sky was very light and a pan through the spring galaxies only got M64 (black eye) and M63 (sunflower). 

I’ll Sarin a firm favourite , under clear skies ! Nick.1DAF3723-0102-4F61-AFB6-01243D2B1401.thumb.jpeg.9b5d975c846826845fe45ccc22ba7bb3.jpeg26A6EE6F-D1FE-42B1-B9D7-A60CDD2A4331.thumb.jpeg.b24d1d5efa03eb8be10fe0575dc8d26f.jpeg

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