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SLS - Artemis - Orion


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SaturnV almost done and already working on new models. This time we'll be building four Artemis rockets and one Orion capsule.
2 Artemis combinations scale (as always) 1:33. Only one of these two will be build with a launchplatform and LUT. Finished it will be 4.2m high
2 other, somewhat smaller, will be build at scale 1:59
The Orion capsule will be build at scale 1:10

First steps, painting the boosters...

More to come...



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While we're at it we decided to add a CM-SM-escape tower at scale 1:10 to this unit.
Four people are busy drawing/printing these parts.

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Yesterday during pre-opendoor there were two astronauts walking amongst visitors in Urania(our observatory)

Koen wore a replica of SaturnV space-suit and the second person(me) in a brand new suit that will be used for the Artemis crew.
The suit was made by my wife(Nicole) btw.




And this is the actual crew for SLS NASA's second mission.
To be clear, the SLS 'astronaut' in the pictures above is not one of them...🤣



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These will be hung aside our 1:10 scale Orion capsule. One more to go.
I know not the correct suits but it has to do for now. They will be replaced in the near future.



Working, working, working....


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