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Quattro 150 getting lucky on M106

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I ordered a Quattro 150 last year which arrived in early March. It comes with a dedicated Coma Corrector, and it's taken a little while to get the everything dialled in. It's still not quite right (seems very sensitive to back spacing, and I need to mask off the mirror clips) but I'm pretty pleased with how it's going.

This is M106 from Thursday night:


I like this bit of sky because of all the other little galaxies - here they are in the l image, with the stars xterminated!


and here they are annotated:


Here's a crop of the main galaxy- which I'm really pleased with. This was my main reason for getting the scope- fast optics (f3.45) and ok sampling (1.55"/pix) means I can do lucky imaging. The l image is the best 60% of 400 15 second images.




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That Quattro 150P is an absolute sleeper telescope, flying under the radar yet so compact, light, fast and versatile.

Very promising result, I bet it's a beast in narrowband too.

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That's a great result. Just shows what a small scope can do. I really like my Quattrp 150 but like you I am still ironing out some minor glitches. It works well with SW's F/4 coma corrector as well, covering a larger chip size.

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