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Strange green noise on single sub

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Whilst out imaging last night (14-4-23) I noticed this strange green noise near the top right corner of my subs. This was on all subs. 

I obviously can see the amp glow which I calibrate our very easily. 

I had a dew strap on my 72ed so shouldn't be dew. 

Does anyone think it's dew on the sensor or light leak. I've had my zwo asi294mc pro for 14 months now and never changed the descecant tablet yet. Could this be the cause? I cool to - 10°C not seen this issue before. 

As soon as I switch on my asiair pro the camera begins to cool to - 10. Maybe I should cool to - 5 then to - 10 but like I say not had an issue before. I do not have a dew heater on the zwo asi294mc pro. I'm quite reluctant to unscrew my 294MC pro to look at the sensor as in the past had a lot of trouble with tilt. But maybe I should bite the bullet? 

I will stack the data on M51 and update if the green noise is calibrated out. 





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Posted (edited)
4 hours ago, Clarkey said:

Alkaid is not far out of shot. Looks like it might be some stray light from that. Just looks green as it a OSC camera.

Hi James 

Thank you for your reply. That never even crossed my mind. Phew I thought oh god I've developed sensor issues or something. 

When I've come in from an imaging session I'll put everything in a cool room and I put those descecant sachets from covid tests around the osc to help draw our any moisture too as I've spent a lot of money on the imaging rig (as we all have) and want to really look after it. 

Thank you again, you're a star. 


Just an update. It was indeed Alkaid shining into the image. Thank you James 👍


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