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Hello everyone.

My name is Chris, 63 years old and resident in Alderley Edge, Cheshire.

I've had an in interest in Astronomy since l was a youngster; l  had access to a telescope at school but any real viewing over the years has been limited to binoculars. I have the opportunity now to spend more time on astronomy/astrophotography and have started acquiring some h/w to that end.

I already have several Canon DSLR cameras & lenses plus a Sony A-5000 that l can use and recently acquired a Sky-Watcher Star Adventurer 2i Pro at a very good price - so that will be my starting point in getting some wide field photography under my belt.

In terms of a telescope l'm finding that the options are staggering to say the least. What l do know is l don't want anything (yet) that is too large and bulky so any sort of reflector is out. I'm leaning towards a compact wide field refractor that could possibly be attached to the Star-Adventurer, although l get that has some weight limitations. Perhaps something l could leave assembled and keep in the garage when not in use. The choices are a bit bewildering to say the least; that, coupled with trying to understand all the jargon associated with the hobby.



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A warm welcome to SGL. If you want any help with the 'jargon' (and yes, there's plenty!) or scope choice, please just ask. You'll get lots of opinions (mostly contradictory.....😄).

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