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Andromeda Galaxy again


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With yet another week of cloudy nights I have resorted to re-processing old data. This is M31 about 9 hrs of RASA8/Esprit150/RC10 data, processed with PI and the RC suite of tools with the following objectives:

1. Achieve maximum 'acceptable' level of dust lane detail.

2. Make the Ha regions discernible without overpowering the rest of the galaxy.

3. Try and get the 'correct' colour balance across the galaxy (lol).

At full size, there are are some stringy artefacts in the dust so I've pushed that too far I think, and a lot of the stars have flares and artefacts, perhaps not surprising given their data pedigree. As for the colour, I think I am OK with the yellow core but the blues are too magenta.

I'll say one thing for processing, it does occupy your time quite effectively when you can't go out and use the kit.



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Nice! With the cloud here I have been playing with old data, soon will have to stop that and have ago at that sun thing to fill the time to the new season.


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