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Coroplast dew shield


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Hi all. 

Has anyone tried a coroplast dew shield? 

I have an orion optics ct8 newtonian and I can't find a dew shield that fits ok as the carbon fibre tube has a rim that sits proud by about 5 mm. I am thinking of having a go with black coroplast. It seems really lightweight and rigid, and if I flock the inside it should work I reckon. If I put some 5mm.sticky back neoprene foam on the scope at the back of the rim, I should be able to slide the dew shield over it and it should stay put.

Has anyone had any experience with it? 


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I did use it for my 8” imaging scope but it tends to crease along the tubes. Cheap and cheerful though and very rigid against wind, and light weight. I ended up using a sheet of polypropylene flocked inside and with a self adhesive velcro seam- works great.  It’s what the shop bought ones are made from.


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Only just managed to get the bits together to have a go. I've got a couple of sheets of 3mm proplas premium from wickes and some 2mm black craft foam sheets from the range. I think I've probably spent about £8 so far and I've bought twice as much as I need incase I can improve on my first attempt. 

I had  couple of clear nights earlier this week and needed to put something together quick as I had dew issues on my secondary mirror last time out. I picked up a £3.99 yoga matt from asda as a temporary fix and it works really well. I've attached a picture of it. It looks rough but works a treat. Its just a little bit floppy. I'm just wondering whether to refine this one a bit or try the proplas. 


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