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What the camera saw...

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A bit of fun. Following a comment that the basic outline of Orion was hard to spot in a deep sky image, I thought I'd make an animation to show the difference between Orion visually, at a reasonable site, and then what the camera finds over time.

Maybe it also answers the question, 'Why do astrophotography?'


My first animated GIFF. Good fun - I'll do some more!


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Impressive stuff and very instructive. It is indeed staggering how much easier it is to see, e.g., the Horse-Head Nebula than to spot it, even from a dark site as a seasoned observer. Besides, even with something as bright as the sun, certain things are next to impossible at the eyepiece, like this stuff:


Ca-K is essentially invisible to me with my glasses on, and something very deep purple with little or no detail without glasses (too old for 393 nm, I suppose)

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15 minutes ago, Peter Drew said:

Yes, why do astrophotography when someone else can do it for us.     🙂

:D From the man who has made more astronomical items himself than the rest of us put together!


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