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Daylight Moon 27th March

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This month's lunar crescent has so far been clouded out for me, but managed to catch yesterday's fat crescent in a clear interlude during the late afternoon, in broad daylight.  Rubbish seeing, but I think it turned out not too bad considering.

16" F/4.5 reflector and ASI 183MM with Proplanet 807 IR filter.  25% of 2000 frames.  Three pane mosaic.

Plus some selective enlargements from the main image.

Thanks for looking.

2021-03-27 Moon pp807.jpg

2021-03-27 Moon pp807 c1.jpg

2021-03-27 Moon pp807 c2.jpg

2021-03-27 Moon pp807 c3.jpg

2021-03-27 Moon pp807 c4.jpg

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Well, if you can get that level of detail with 'rubbish' seeing, I'd love to see what you could get with good seeing 😉  Very nice, thanks for sharing.



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Hello, thank you for sharing Roy, no seeing here other than clouds and rains! Your images give a very spheric sensation, with well defined relief.

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Thank you - I get plenty of cloud and rain here too. In fact these images we made in a short time of clear sky between clouds. And in daylight. We have to make the most of these small windows. Glad you like the images.

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