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Apertura 8" Dobsonian Performance Upgrade Kit

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Is this kit or similar available in the UK for a Stellalyra 8" and is it a worthwhile investment?  

I know this would be possibly easy enough to do with some experience in the scope but not seen anything similar in the UK.  Your guidance is once again welcomed.



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I haven't seen any such kits for sale in the UK (yet). You can buy all the components of it separately though which I have done for my 12" dobsonian apart from the flocking. 

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You will probably save a lot of money buying seperately.

Thumb screws for the secondary you'll want 35mm M4 thumb screws.  I got mine from AliExpress and they cost £5 for 3 plus delivery.  Or go for bob knobs.

Flocking from FLO:


Or if you prefer a larger sheet from ebay:


Personally I stuck my flocking to a plastic poster cover to make something like flockboard.  The tension of the poster cover trying to straighten out keeps it open and it means you can fit the flock without worrying about it sticking in the wrong place:


As to the springs, I'm sure someone will be along shortly to advise of the correct thickness and number of turns.

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3 hours ago, Ratlet said:

As to the springs, I'm sure someone will be along shortly to advise of the correct thickness and number of turns.

These are the ones I bought and fitted to my dobsonian. 15mm in length, 12mm in diameter and 1.2mm gauge wire. These hold the mirror in my 12” really well and hold collimation.


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