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Repair Newton tube


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Hello good,
Over the years I have salvaged an Orion Optics UK 250mm f4.8 1/8 PV tube that I sold to a friend. The fact is that this tube, regardless of the horror stories we have all heard about some of these people's optics, once offered me outstanding optical performance, especially in planetary, where optical quality is put to the test. The fact is that the optics and the tube are in perfect condition, except for a couple of dents, and I was wondering if anyone has encountered this problem and was able to remove them and how they did it. I had considered mounting the optics in a carbon fiber tube, but they are excessively expensive and I only do visuals.
Thank you


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I fell on the eyepiece end of my OOUK 10inch f/4.8 and dented it.  The end cap was also badly buckled.

The local body shop soon fixed the tube for a cost of £50.  Spare parts from OOUK are very expensive and a single end cap was £54 + about £6 carriage if I recall correctly.

Better than a complete new tube though that would have been £180 + £54 for each end cap + about £34 carriage.

Hope that helps.

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Thank you.

The ones from OO UK asked me £125 for a new tube, plus another £125 for shipping to Spain. A new lid £55. So I think I'm going to try to repair the two small dents.

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Without seeing the dents it’s hard to give relevant advice. Although @Second Time Around suggestion of asking a body shop if they can help sounds like a good idea.

In my youth I use to own a 2CV (well, several). The body of this car is made out of very thin metal and could easily acquire body dents - probably my driving. With a bit of practice I got quite good at removing these using a basic panel beating kit. I still have mine down the shed. Something like this…

AllRight 7Pcs Craft Panel Beating Kit Panel Beating Hammer and Dolly Set with Storage Case Hammers Set for Car Auto Body Panel Repair https://amzn.eu/d/0y07I2s

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