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too good to be true

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My Toucan arrived today and also the adapter all on the same day, I got it installed on my lappy now and the sky looks like there might be a few clear patches or even go clear. :shock: Some thing must go wrong, maybe my lappy will die or my telescope will fall over and break, I got an early start tomorrow morning :lol::)


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How on earth do you plug a toucan into your lappy... :shock:

Very carfully with trembling hands to start with :lol:

It gets better for me, my friend who is a computer teckie has offer to do the mod for me, so I should have a fully moded Toucam for the Star Party :) :)


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OMG.... :) :) :D

:):D:):lol: Its not my spelling its the Spell Check honest


Don't worry :)

I decided that it is easier just to mis-type everything and ignore spell-check. Same result less time so it's gotta be progress :D



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