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Guide Scope & Flip

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Hello All.

                 Once more unto the Fountain of Information.  I'm putting together a Guider on my Frac.  I'm using  Baader Varioscope and thought I might complicate things a bit it seems.  I want to use a Flip Mirror with it to alternate between Finding then Guiding.  The Backfocus required for the ZWO ASI462 that I have set aside for the job is 12.5mm.  A Polaris II Eyepiece is being used and is screwed into the other Port of the Flip.  Do I need to space either of these further away from the Lip of the Flip for them to be parfocal?   trying to save myself a headache here so any and all replies so very welcome.

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You could set up platesolving and not need an actual finder in that case. Would be by far the least head achy solution since you already need a computer of some kind to do the guiding and so will have solved almost all of the troubles to set up platesolving.

What software is running the rig? Different ways to do it in each one.

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13 minutes ago, Figgis said:

ASI air plus

No need to really set up anything in that case, the Asi air software should deal with plate solving and auto centering on its own.

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Hi Figgis

Plate Solving  doesn't remove the need for a Finder.

I gather you want to use it as a Finder and as a Guidescope, by adding a flip mirror like in this Baader image:



"Do I need to space either of these further away from the Lip of the Flip for them to be parfocal? "

It's unlikely that the camera and eyepiece will both be in focus when fully inserted into the flip.

So as you surmise, YES.

One might need to be pulled out somewhat to get focus when the other is in focus.

Fit a "Parfocal Ring" to the pulled-out item, so that it can always be inserted at the same amount.



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Looking at that Pic, I gather it's the Camera end that will need a little longer than the EP, they have a 1½" Clicklock & the Polaris straight onto the t2 top.

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