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NGC7129, Supernova remnant G107.0+9.0, and more in Cepheus


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This image is taken with my dual-RASA8 rig through IDAS NBZ filters, so primarily Ha and Oiii signals, although I find that this filter also picks up quite a bit of blue reflection nebulosity.

There is quite a lot going on in the image. Centrally in the image lies NGC7129, also known as IC5134, which appears to be a mix of Ha emitting and blue reflection nebulosity (the latter is called  VDB146). Next to it is the open star cluster NGC7142.

The image also reveals some interesting arches of Ha and Oiii nebulosity, which I suspected could be parts of a larger SNR. A look through SNR catalogues soon told me that it is SNR G107.0+9.0, which was first described as late as 2020 and you can read about it here: https://arxiv.org/pdf/2008.05620v2.pdf. It looks like I accidentally managed to catch most of its visible parts, which was lucky as I had no idea it would be there.

Other interesting objects include the small red structure quite near NGC7129 (at about 2 a´clock). It is RebPau-1 and you can read about it here: https://www.astrobin.com/d3a634/

There is another strongly Ha emitting object near the top right. The only information about it that I can find in Simbad (http://simbad.cds.unistra.fr/simbad/sim-id?Ident=GAL+104.9%2B11.2&) is the designation GAL 104.9+11.2 and "Ha region". I wonder if it could be a planetary nebula.

Cameras were ASI2600MC and I caught 121 x 5 min, so about 10 hours. Imaged on March 12 with about 77% moon. Processed in PI and PS with the latest XTerminator tools.

Cheers & CS, Göran


20230312 NGC7129 RASA1+2 PS26smallSign.jpg

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