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NGC5128 Centaurus A - imaged from +36° latitude

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At -41° declination, this target never gets more than about 10.5° above the horizon so it is a real challenge to capture. I have a location with a clear, flat view of the southern horizon that is about one hour south of my home, Las Vegas, NV. I managed to image it a few years back but didn't have the gear that I now possess and I feel my processing skills have greatly improved in the past three years so I thought I would give it a go again. My plan was to image it for 1 hour and 15 minutes on either side of the meridian so it would never dip below 9°. I estimated that would give me about 50x 3min subs to work with. Plans don't always work out. The first half up to the meridian flip went as planned but shortly after the flip I didn't expect it to be so low that it would be obstructed by a nearby Joshua tree. Because of that, I only ended up with 37x 3min subs to work with. I plan to capture more data in the future and add to this data.
Thanks to Russell Crowman's Blur Xterminator I was able to sharpen the core of the galaxy and tighten up the atmospherically bloated stars to make a decent go at it.

Explore Scientific ED152 CF APO
Explore Scientific 3" 0.7x Reducer/Flattener
ZWO OAG w/ASI290mm Guide Camera
ZWO ASI 2600mc Pro (0°, Gain 100, Offset 50)
iOptron CEM70EC mount

37x180sec subs = 1 Hour 51 Min
Captured with NINA 2.1 HF1 RC009
Processed with PixInsight

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