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The rays of Copernicus and Tycho


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The rays of Tycho run straight and true...


But the rays of Copernicus and Kepler are wavy:


I don't understand the difference. Does anyone know the reason why? 

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Higher speed impact, ejecta launched further from the surface and took longer to fall back so lunar rotation plus other gravitational effects caused a more untidy final surface distribution of ejecta ? Further smearing / distortion caused by tectonic activity triggered by the impact ? Just guessing here !


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I think that the Copernicus impact led to many more secondary impacts which produced rays that overlapped the primary rays, causing them to appear sinuous. Maybe the Tycho impact either produced less secondary impactors or the secondary rays were less visible or didn’t  interfere with the primary rays as much.

All down to differences in the Highland/Mare geology perhaps? 🤷🏻‍♂️

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