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Supernova in M108 - SN 2023dbc

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I was imaging M108 last night and managed to get 3x5 mins in L,RG and B before the clouds arrived. This was with a 12" GSO RC and a QYH163M. 

Looking up this object I was surprised to see that a supernova had been discovered a few days ago and I managed to locate it in my data.

SN reference - https://www.wis-tns.org/object/2023dbc



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Awesome!  I happened to be imaging that and the owl nebula on the 16th with my 12” Alt/Az Goto Dobsonian, did I happen to get it?





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I’ll have to reprocess my images focusing on that galaxy to see if I can extract a tad more resolution from it.  The owl nebula as my main target at the time… lol.   Also I’ll image again in the future when the supernova cools down for my “before and after” compare.

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