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Walking on the Moon

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Good afternoon folks,

I recently bought a QHY183C camera and am somewhat confused with debayering. Any help with the following would be much appreciated:

1: If I take, say, 30 exposures, do I need to debayer them all separately before stacking?

2. ICan I do this in a batch?

3. Do I need to debayer the dark/flat/bias frames ?

4. What's the best software to use?

5. Is there a specific output file I should use (I'm using Sharpcap) (FITS, Tiff etc) ?

Any other advice would be very welcome as this is all new to me 😳.

I've been using a DSLR for a couple of years and new to this CMOS business. Any other advice or step by step procedure regarding this would be very welcome!


Have a great day,










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1) Yes

2) Yes

3) No - calibrate before debayering - calibration works properly without debayering first if all files are "raw"

4) That really depends on what software you want to use - most software already has debayering built in - DSS, Siril, PI - all have debayering as part of their processing pipeline

5) I prefer to use .fits for everything as it is meant to be standard for astronomy images, but tiff can be used as well.

Just make sure you use 32bit floating point for all except for capture where 16bit unsigned int is fine.

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Btw, the Bayer matrix on this sensor is RGGB, I believe. And as Vlaiv noted, do use FITS as output file type. Depending on the capture software you use, the Bayer matrix information will be stored in the FITS header, in which case the stacking software should be able to determine it.

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