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Best way to clean this settled dust off Tal 1m mirror

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2 hours ago, DaveL59 said:

I've used just a drop or 2 of fairy in the past, tho I'd not put the entire carrier into the mix, I see you didn't either tho 🙂 

Decided to split the carrier and just put the mirror in lol.. I also used a couple of spots of fairy, worked amazing. Not going to go mad, looks really nice now.

Thanks Gary 

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Hi. Can you explain how you removed the mirror from the cell? My TAL-1 mirror cell has a black Loctite-type gunk that makes unscrewing the mirror holder thing hard.  I need to soften this somehow. Acetone, perhaps? Please advise.

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I personally used water and cotton balls

Rinse with water to remove the worst of the dirt non-abrasively. Then I use wet cotton balls to wipe once on each side of the ball in one direction to remove the last of the dust

Any blobs of water left will leave minerals behind so take dry cotton balls and gently touch them to any drops to soak them up.

Cleaned up my newt mirrors nicely at least.

Your cleaning method seems to have worked really well! I love seeing a nice quality and clean mirror

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First Contact Polymer seems awesome for optical instruments and all sorts of telescopes. Did not have the chance to use it so far myself. "Somewhat" pricey, but seems powerful and does not damage your optics. Leaving it here for future reference.

Telescopes: Refractors, SCT, Dobs, etc. (photoniccleaning.com)

Refractor demo (short video):


Full Astro World TV show with discussions and demos (long video)...

Hope someone finds it useful.


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