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A quick M33 from a few weeks ago

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The same night I shot M51 a few weeks ago I shot M33. Again, not the best data but with the weather and the obsy build, thought I might as well process it.

About 2 hours of rgb data and an hour of Ha/Oiii, 10 min subs with my asi2600 and 200pds.

Not the best M33 I've done, but it's not terrible.

Lost count of satellite tracks all over the place, and with so little data, it got integrated.. so no prizes for spotting track lines everywhere.

I've attempted to blend in the Oiii in affinity using and overlay blend layer, and the Ha with a Lighten blend layer.


<updated to sort out highlight clipping>


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VG indeed.  I like the Ha regions - only issue I can see is some of the bright spots blown out. Perhaps tweak the highlights down a little, or re-do the path (#200!) keeping an eye out ?


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damn, i protected the highlights till the last stage - my affinity clarity has pushed them over, I'll need to just tweak the blend curve on the clarity mask layer. Will do, and update. 👍

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