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Rosette Nebula - SHO

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A long anticipated desire - to image the Rosette in SHO.

The subs were taken over 4 nights and in a period of 2 months (weather has been really bad), using the Redcat51 + ASI1600MM + ZWO 36mm filters, on a ZWO AM5 mount. The conditions in general during almost all nights were really challenging, which resulted throwing away almost 50% of the OIII and SII subs.

Processed in Pixinsight and used Blur/Star/NoiseXterminator and a very new process called Foraxx - which I absolutely loved.

30 x 300sec (Ha)

22 x 300sec (OIII)

20 x 300sec (SII)

50 x dark, flats and bias




Edited by George Sinanis
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19 minutes ago, Vroobel said:

Beautiful picture, very detailed, even if taken with the 51mm only. 

Could you try to reduce the bluish cast from the background? 

I will try to play a bit with the curves later in the week and remove the blue-ish layer from the background indeed. It didn’t show that much on MacBook. It is more obvious on my iPhone though. 

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17 minutes ago, Vroobel said:

I work on laptop, but it never display the colors like my 27" Dell QHD. Every display is different, even if they work at sRGB... :)

And here it is




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