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Horsehead between the cloud

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So nothing like some of the others being shown, but i am happy with the 16 x 180s image produced with L-pro, shot in-between the painful cloud cover I seem to have attracted for the last number of weeks :( It was mainly to give the rotator and reducer a quick run, but would have liked the hours of clear sky the weather man said was coming.

180s may be a little much with Alnitak, but not spent to much time on it with lack of data, but still happy.



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1 hour ago, MartinB said:

Well that's come out very nicely from a relatively short overall exposure time.  Some very interesting optical effects around Alnitak.

Yes, Not sure what has caused it to go like that.  Usually it just blows out like a beach ball.  I did give everything a clean, so not sure if something was missed like the reducer, or if it was because i haven't been able to grab flats for it yet, and its gone a little strange.

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