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What Is The Max Time For Unguided Subs With HEQ5 Mount?

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Good Morning all. I am a semi-newbie now, but I still haven't started using guiding for my astrophotography. My question is, what is roughly the longest time you can do unguided subs with a HEQ5 Pro Mount, obviously with very good polar alignment? I currently don't even bother to try anything past 60 seconds, because when I'm outside, my time is especially precious, due to where I live ( I live on 3rd floor flats, and once outside with all my gear, I dare not leave my gear alone for even one second because I have a thief living in building! ). So I like to get all my imaging done asap so I can get back indoors out of cold etc. I forgot to mention, my primary imaging scope is a 66mm aperture ED Doublet refractor with 400mm FL, F6.0

Any advice or comments would be most appreciated! Thanks! Wes.

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All mounts are different so it is not a question you can answer. Try different exposure times and find out. To be honest, if you can manage 1 minute unguided, that is probably enough.

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